Where dragon lands

Once upon 500 million years ago, a heavenly dragon was sent to earth. The mystic beast spewed pearls which birthed  islands and rock mountains. And the heavenly presence continues to linger till this day, like  oxygen in the air at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.


Ha Long Bay  literally means descending dragon- this UNESCO world heritage site is a geological fascination of pristine beauty.


It was December and the clouds decided to land like bonnets on mountains. Cruising by the bay, our vision blurred as if the eyes turned into frosted windows.


A sea of mortals making their way into the maw of the dragon. Bathed in rainbow lights, the stalactites appeared edgy enough to be hanging lights in a living room.


Deep in the gut of caves- where beauty illuminates like the shining of the moon on a pitch-black night.


Seawater, raindrops and  wind extend their makeup brushes to color and contour the lime stones into free-form objects existing only in imagination.


All that was emerald and blue is now gray and ashen.


Rolling fog hovering like ghosts in the horizon adds to the mystical feel of Ha Long Bay in winter.

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