Bask in the Roman Baths

When you are in Bath, bathe as the Romans do.


The Roman Baths complex is a historical site preserved in the city of Bath.


The bath complex was built in 75 AD when the Romans conquered Britain.


Algal bloom has painted the Great Bath green.


The Great Bath was fed by water from surrounding hot spring, thought to be divine and sacred by the Romans.


The hot water in the spring rises at a rate of 1,170,000 liters each day at 46 degrees Celcius.


Bathing was part and parcel of Roman life and culture. It was a communal and recreational activity where the people would gather to socialize and relax at the bath complex.


The Roman Baths, with a view of Bath Abbey next door.


When you are here, imagine a pool of people mingling with loud chatter in the air and splashes of water here and there- that was the ancient Roman way of bathing.


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