Stonehenge is a famous megalithic monument that was constructed during Neolithic period more than 4000 years ago. It is located at a chalky plain near the city of Salisbury, England.


At the stone circle, you will see a display of the largest stones which form the external wall. They are known as sarsens which stand up to 30 feet in height. It is believed that they were transported from Marlborough Dows, 20 miles to the north.


The smaller stones-bluestones were brought from several different sites in Western Wales, with distance as far as 140 miles.


It is bewildering to think of how our Neolithic ancestors could have transported these boulders that far, when sophisticated tools or mode of transportation were still nonexistent at that time.


Trilithon is one of the structures erected at the site. It has 2 large vertical stones supporting a third horizontal stone across the top. No one knows why they were arranged that way.


The biggest mystery shrouding Stonehenge that intrigues us is how and why the monument was constructed.


Many theories have been crafted as to why Stonehenge was constructed. One of the more notable ones involve its purpose as a sacred area for ritual ceremonies. It could also have been a burial ground in its earliest years as traces of human bones were discovered at the nearby bank.


Humans have come a long way over time but the riddles of the past still continues to stir and pique our curiosity.


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