Mention Oxford, and most people will think of the prestigious Oxford University. But Oxford is more than the historical university, its timeless architecture, cobblestones, neoclassical buildings, medieval history and literary air are set to take your breath away.


You may chose to cycle, hop on a bus or take on a walking tour to experience the rich history in Oxford.


Markets offering a wide range of local produce.


Spot the statue of a nude man sculpted by Antony Gormley which was erected on the roof of Blackwell’s Art and Poster shop.


Grotesques which are stone carvings of characters are carved onto buildings around the city. Cast your gaze up the sky and imagine yourself droning over the buildings to catch these fanciful sights.


The Bodleian Library is the main research library of the University of Oxford. It is a popular setting with numerous cameo appearances in movies like The Golden Compass and Harry Potter.


The Radcliffe Camera is a neoclassical circular library infused with baroque styles. Pairs of Corinthian columns circled the second floor while a lofty dome crowned the building in style.


Note the symmetrical elements surrounding the library. It created an illusion of having 3 stories from an outside view but in actual fact there are only 2 stories internally.



University Church of St Mary the Virgin



Caught a female statue blowing  a horn on top of the Clarendon Building.


The Hertfort Bridge, aka The Bridge of Sighs due to its similarity to the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.


A step into Oxford, an entrance to a world of wanderlust.


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