Asklepion in Pergamum, Turkey

Asklepion was founded in 4th century BC around a sacred spring to serve as a medical institution.


What is left is the ruins of Asklepion, still under the watchful eyes of Asklepios, the God of Healing who was believed to be able to resurrect the dead.


Patients would begin their journey of healing by walking through this Sacred Way.


Following the path of the ill and sick into the treatment building.


There were cubicles where patients spent their nights in and by morning would recount their dreams to the healers in order to diagnose their problems.


Modes of treatment included massage, bathing therapies, herbal remedies, drinking of water and surgeries. Patients were prescribed with customized treatments according to their diagnosis.




A theater was built to provide entertainment to patients who might spent a longer time for treatment at Asklepion.


An inexpressible tranquility and serenity hovered around Asklepion till this day, a testament to its reputation as one of the best healing institution of the ancient world.

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