Ephesus was an ancient Greek city, built in 10th century BC before it was conquered by the Romans in 129 BC.


This historic site was scarred by earthquakes and invasion by the Goths and with the passing years, modern excavations have uncovered ruins and evidence of ancient life in this city.


This is the Prytaneion where religious ceremonies and official functions were held.


Repair and reconstruction have led us to the present Ephesus in Selcuk, Turkey where artefacts, statues, remnants of buildings, columns and pillars offer us an intriguing peek into the ancient Graeco-Roman life.





The Library of Celcus with an imposinig facade guarded by 4 statues on the ground- each representing wisdom, knowledge, intelligence and virtue.


Up-close view of the Statue standing for wisdom.


An ancient advertisement showing the way to the brothel carved on a marble stone. The footprint probably indicated a turn at this point to the brothel, a woman’s head to the right of the footprint and the heart likely to show that women yearning for love were waiting in the brothel.


The Odeon- an indoor theatre which used to be canopied under a wooden roof.



Sea of steps into the past.


The Great theater overlooking the ruins. It was awesomely breathtaking to trace backward in time to be amazed by the beautiful ancient civilization. Embrace the richness of history as you walk through Ephesus.


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