Winter in Taiwan- of rainy days and overcast sky

I traveled to Taiwan in mid-Dec of 2011, by then the weather was chilly with frequent showers and the dull wintry sky cast a grayish tint on everything else on earth. This sounds melancholic, but change your lens and you might see a different beauty to it.


Wave, water, sun and wind cast their spells upon the rocks which metamorphosed into bewildered shapes and formations at Yehliu Geopark.


The mushroom rocks sprouting after the rain


Bed of flowers in full bloom at a flower farm in Hualien adding a splash of vibrant colors to tame the dull sky above.


The Sun Moon Lake looking all tranquil, perfect for reflective moments.


The Wen Wu Temple exerting grandeur and warmth to beat winter’s cold.


Little golden lanterns glinting under the gloomy sky like a candle burning in darkness.


Love this carving- thought I spotted the Monkey God.


The well-loved legendary Qilin


I like the huge Buddha Statue at the backdrop with many other small statues on the ground- gave me a sense of peace.


The Taroko Gorge beauty at Hualien houses a wealth of marble, wildlife, untainted greens and a breathtaking landscape.

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