An autumn getaway in Seoul

It was a mini-break for me during late September in 2014 when I hopped on the plane to Seoul to savor the refreshing autumn air, fill my stomach with good food and embrace the local culture.


I love this ginseng chicken soup (samgyetang) at Tosokchon to bits! The tender white flesh stomached a wholesome goodness of glutinous rice, red dates and ginseng in it, absorbing the unforgettable herby flavors. The broth was rich, nutritious and simply heaven!


Gyeongbokgung Palace of the past still looking elegant in the present.


Some of the traditional houses which retained the old Korean flavors in architecture.


I was at the Demilitarized Zone in the border village of Panmunjom, South Korea. South Korean army guards standing at the Demarcation Line facing North Korea on the opposite.


Looking at North Korea in the distant from the border. I think this was the furthest I would probably go to get glimpses of life in North Korea.


Spotted this billboard at Dorasan Station. “Not the last station from the South, But the first station toward the North”- a brief but poignant message towards Korean Reunification.


There are four tunnels being discovered under the border between South Korea and North Korea. Only the third tunnel is open to visitors where you get to walk down a long and steep path into the tunnel. These tunnels were dug as a plan for surprise attack by the North Koreans on South Korea.


Now back to something light and happy. I had some lovely macarons at the little Antique cafe *eyes twinkling like fairy lights*


Beautiful minty macaron served with nutty ice-cream.


Zesty orange macaron wrapped up fluffy ice-cream with generous sprinkles of nuts and gelatin.


Another not-to-miss food in Seoul- DUMPLINGS! Known as mandu in Korean, these little delicacies burst with rich porky flavors as you bite into the thin flour wraps. Try them at Myeongdong Gyoja.


These knife-sliced noodles (Kalguksu)  were springy, and the broth was splendid.


Fresh fried potatoes and orange juices- what’s not to love?


Don’t miss Cookin’ Nanta when you are in Seoul- a perfect blend of musical, comedy and acrobatics which was everything exciting, fun and humor.


Watch how chopping boards, knives, saucepans and all things which clink and clank are brought to life in Cookin’ Nanta.

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