Rendezvous with cherry blossoms

My first hanami experience was in mid-spring of 2015. I was literally embarking on a sakura hunt as I  hopped from the streets of Kyoto, Shinjuku Gyoen, Ueno Park, Sumida River Park to the Imperial palace just to not miss the precious glimpses of the delicate petals. I fell head over heels in love with sakura, and just watching and soaking in the transient beauty was heaven.


Caught a lovely bus dressed in flamingo hue moving past white sakura blooms  which were lightly tinged with pink at a Kyoto street.


Sakura of many shades of pink blooming over the fence.


Somehow, sakura and railway exuded a very nostalgic feeling. White sakura appearing like glistening snow crowned the trees.


White on pink


Crystal clear lake at Shinjuku Gyoen reflecting beauty in all its glory


The scene which puts you at the moment- when free-spirited sakura petals hovered and danced in the air as the chilly wind liberated them, before raining down on the sparkling lake.


Imprinting my footstep on a carpet of flowers.


Don’t they look like dainty dancers?


Fallen petals graced the earth, bestowing upon the grasses a gentle-soft-pink-cloak.


Crowds of youngsters accentuated the liveliness of sakura in spring at Ueno Park.


Brightly lit-lanterns lending some shimmer to the spring blossoms when night fell.


The queen of spring was flanked by splashes of green at the Imperial palace.


My last moment of catching up with sakura at Sumida River Park. The sakura branches intercalated with each other forming a mesmerizing pink canopy over me as I sauntered down the lane.


Sakura in spring is as magical as fairies in the woods, leaving a timeless impression in you for many years to come.


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