Random shots of Tokyo and Kyoto

Apart from hanami, these are some random photos from my travel in the Land of Rising Sun.


The Fushimi Inari Shrine looking resplendent in a classic mixed palette of brilliant red and emerald green.


Hike into the heart of the sacred shrine and be astounded by the vibrant orange hue on the torii gates.


The Arashiyama bamboo groves lush with sky-high bamboo trees.


A view of the densely populated metropolitan-Tokyo from the Tokyo Tower. A sea of concretes marked their territories firmly with pride with the grand Mount Fuji at the backdrop.


Not forgetting sakura picnics in the midst of the bustling city.


Here’s a peep at the kimono, I love how vibrant and vivacious mix of red and yellow motifs on the girls’ kimono contrasted with their mother’s kimono in simple shade of white with light splashes of pink.


The imperial palace looks minimally beautiful- the dark grey roof tiles complemented the white exterior walls perfectly.


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