Catching the Pearl in Hong Kong ~ The Pearl of Orient

The pearls in Hong Kong lie in the corner of the bubbly streets where you can taste nice street food, they also glow in the night at the Avenue of Stars where you enjoy a spectacular performance by the dancing lights and also existing in the very life of Hong Kongers.

Blazing lights shooting to stardom at the Avenue of Stars



Catch the elegant junk in red



The Buddha in Ngong Ping



The Peak Tram



Get a bird eye’s view of Hong Kong from the Peakhk25

A foggy skyline due to drizzleshk26

Catch the stars in action at Madame Tussaudshk21




Fluffy polo bun which you shall not miss


Springy wanton noodles in tasty brothhk29

Deep fried yau ja gwai served with fresh soy milk or rich congee- one of my favorites.hk23

This is the silky smooth tau fu fah or the soybean pudding supposedly made with water from the mountains and served with ginger syrup.hk17

The osmanthus jelly- a refreshing dessert with subtle flavors.hk15

Fried or rather slightly toasted char siew bao (a Cantonese bun filled with barbeque-flavored pork)


More dim sum to come..

Ha gao, the steamed shrimp dumplinghk16

Steamed rice roll


Glutinous rice with rich pork fillings wrapped in lotus leafhk6

If you’re drooling already, head on to this restaurant- Tim Ho Wan to grab a bite. Their dim sums are simply splendid.hk5

The Ladies Night Market buzzing with crowdshk24

The morning markethk4

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