Berthed in Perth : Part I

It  was mid-fall when I set foot in Perth. The weather was lovely with chilly winds swirling around  me with the occasional mild sunny glow raining on top of our heads.

At the Kings Park.


The War Memorial in the ParkImage

Kangaroos leaping with joy *eyes for food* at the Caversham Wildlife Park. They are like  puppies to me, fluffy and adorable and ever so eager to flock you when your hand smells food.


The shy koala pretending to be asleep. I know you’re awake! Image

The Pinnacles- Walk on the golden sands and be overwhelmed by the unique lime stones. Wind, water and earth continuously cast their magic here to create this ever-changing landscape.


Some lime stones were wearing figures of a goddess, elephant and etc.aus31

Sandboarding at the sand dunes in Lancelin was exciting. Love the mountain of soft white grains.



The Bell Tower in the city


The beach is amazingly serene and tranquil in the mornings. Love this photo- it looks so picturesque.


Not to miss the hot and fresh-from-the-pan-fish and chips at CicerelloImage



We spent a day at the Rottness Island- the place where it used to shackle Aboriginal men. We soaked in the history at the museum and gallery, strolled at the beach, teased some little creatures, licked the chilly wind and toured around the island.Image  Image

The quokka





The ship wrecks, reefs, and turquoise waters against the pale blue sky with creamy clouds.aus17


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