Foodie in Ho Chi Minh City

There is plenty of street food on the streets of HCM. There is so much noise and life around so you can joyfully eat while you walk mouthful.Image


This is the Vietnamese sandwich aka Bahn Mi. Roasted pork, ham, bacon, slices of vege, coriander leaves and etc all clad in a crisy baguette and bathed in mayo. It was really nice with all the stuff in there and it only costs about 15.000 vnd.

If you want to buy great local stuff, head on to the Behn Tahn Market. Coffee beans, souvenirs, lotus seed, snacks, noodles and etc are aplenty there. The G8 coffee is apparently the number 1 coffee in Vietnam.Image

You can even get freshly ground coffee powder from the coffee beans. Just make your choice. A whiff of aromatic coffee fragrant fills your nostrils as the freshly ground powder is scooped up.


Try out the com tam suon bi cha as well. It’s basically pork chop served with broken rice and some shredded pork skin. Image

If you crave for something chilly and sweet after a long day’s walk on the streets, find your way to Fanny’s Ice Cream for a highly recommended dessert- the coconut ice cream. Every spoon of the cream was rich with coconut flavors with bits of coconut flakes.Heaven.hcm7

Also, don’t miss cha ca, a traditional Vietnamese dish which serves the turmeric marinaded fish pan fried with fresh dill. You then top up the dish with vermicelli, crackers, nuts, specialty sauce, tangy lime juice and cilantro. The taste was really refreshing and unique.



 Pho is ubiquitous and you would not miss tasting these noodles, but do look out for fried pho. We stumbled upon this little restaurant which serves great pho dishes. Fried pho is served with vege and meat in thick sauces compared to the usual soup dish.


To taste some fresh appetiser, try the everyday snack in Vietnam- the spring rolls. The rice paper rolls up a mixture of broken rice, cilantro, shrimp, ground pork and etc.


Some other street foods- always served in a balanced diet of veges, nuts, and protein.


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