Taughannock State Park

*This is the last post for 2010. I shall miss December very much. *

The Taughannock State Park is located near the city of Ithaca,NY. It is a refreshing place to unwind and submerge in the cuddles of mother nature.


All green and moist


The park was so serene and cooling with lush trees amidst the summer warmth.

An aesthetic art by nature

The two main highlights at the state park are the Taughannock Gorge and the Taughannock Falls.

The Gorge

The friable rock on the gorge’s wall is known as shale- a concoction of hardened clay and silt.

The gorge floor is constituted of light gray limestone, made fertile by ancient skeletons and shells of marine organisms.

Small pools of rainwater are scattered all around the limestone floor. The slightly acidic rainwater has eroded the floor, creating pits filled with puddles.

Little tadpoles

This is the majestically standing  Taughannock Falls.

The impressive victory sign over the lip of the waterfall is created by the 1895-96 rockfall.

One side of the gorge is less exposed to sun, and therefore the plants are mostly evergreen, needle-leafed conifers, especially eastern hemlock trees.

Eastern Hemlock

The other side of the gorge across the stream faces south, therefore the temperature is warmer with abundant sunlight. The trees there are mostly broad-leafed trees like maple and oaks.

An illustration of the microclimates

The interplay of environmental elements have created ever-changing beauty, from ancient seabed to limestones, from deep sea to tame stream…. these are all natural wonders that never cease to amaze.

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