Hangzhou- The West Lake

My acquaintance with the West Lake was in late autumn. The gardens were impeccably landscaped with classic sculpture and beautiful foliage. Peach trees, willow trees, magnolia, lotus are some of the flowers that bloom alternately as the season changes.

Autumn was casting its golden and earthy rays on each and every leaf.

The willow trees were waving to autumn gently.

The West Lake is a man made lake, the center of attraction of Hangzhou. It has many best views, and due to its beauty and cultural importance, it was often mentioned in poems and ancient texts.

A dreamy autumn garden

Take a boat trip to embrace the  beauty of the West Lake, which is surrounded by heavenly mountains.

This is a miniature stone pagoda and there are 3 of them. On the night of the mid autumn festival, these pagoda will be lit up with candles to create reflections resembling the moon. Reflections of large round moons orbiting the tranquil waters is a scene to behold.

This pagoda mirrors the moon at night

A famous Song Dynasty poet-Su Dongpo once described that West Lake is as beautiful as Xi Shi, one of the four beauties in ancient China.

Leifeng pagoda is located in the west, where the sun sets so lovingly in the background.

It’s all serene and tranquil at the West Lake. You can hire a bike and cycle around to enjoy the nature.

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