Hangzhou ~ The Song City

The Song Dynasty Town Tourist Spot is  a reincarnation of the civilization of Song Dynasty- a period of advancement in economy, culture and technology. One of the popular features offered by the city is the evening show which promises you one thousand years in just one night.

Sit back, relax and enjoy as the show lets you transcend time, taking you back to the past of beautiful culture and rich history.

I was so impressed by the brilliant performances, with playful laser lights crisscrossing emanating iridescent lights, costumes with rich colors, skillful dancing and acrobatics,  excellent stage prop and background- everything was so golden and prosperous, true to the nature of Song Dynasty.

This is an acrobatic act in the scene- Legend of the Monkey King. Watch the action-packed stunts translated into the playfulness and cheekiness portrayed by the Monkey King.

This is “The Banquet Dance in the Song Palace”. In this scene, you can see extravagant settings in the Song palace and its dwellers including the emperor, empress, the officials and dancers. They were all dancing gayly.

This is “The Battle” scene, performed to commemorate the highly revered General Yue Fei of Song Dynasty.

This is the JinShan Temple, one of the settings in “The Lady White Snake” scene. Love and sacrifice form the theme of this scene. According to tales, the Lady White Snake had flooded JinShan Temple to avenge FaHai, a monk of the temple.

The Legendary Lovers

During the scene of “The Beautiful West Lake and its Beautiful Tales” which includes the tales of the Lady White Snake and the Butterfly Lovers, there were beautifully scintillated lights with mist floating around and spectators could feel droplets of water sprayed from the air. We were virtually submerged in the enchanted legends.

The exuberant performance ended on a high note with this scene –“The World Meets Here”. This scene encompasses dances from different Asian countries- including Japanese Folk Dance, Chinese dance and Indian Bollywood dance.

Overall, the Song City had put up a remarkable performance, presenting endless inspirations and delightful memories to its visitors. The beauty and grandeur of a thousand years  were brilliantly choreographed, bringing glorious legend back to life.

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