Hangzhou-Part II

This is the HeFang Street-a pedestarian shopping street. The street still preserves the charm of the old Hangzhou with shops of old and traditional architecture and big red lanterns aglow.

Enjoy some of the local snacks like roasted walnuts and dragon-whisker candy.  A variety of Chinese crafts and arts are displayed-like paper-cutting and hand made dough figurines.

Another attraction in Hangzhou is the Dragon Well Tea or better known as LongJing Tea which is  a famous green tea in China. LongJing Tea is prized for its four best elements- gentle and pure frangrance, yellow-green color,mellow taste and delicate appearance.

There are a few tea fields around which you can take a stroll around. The harvest period is from March till May, therefore buying tea leaves at this peak period guarantees you with the best quality tea.

At the tea fields, you can watch workers picking tea leaves, relax and enjoy the greens while sipping tea and watch a demonstration of pan-frying of the tea leaves.

The leaves are pan fried by hand to stop the fermentation process, thereby preserving the freshness and antioxidant properties of the tea leaves.

This is the MeiJiaWu Tea Village. Bask in the picturesque landscape with the neat terrace of tea shrubs set against the cloudy autumn sky.

Tea-flavored candies are also sold at the tea village. I tried candies with jasmine essence and they tasted delicious.

Stay tuned for another post on Hangzhou!

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