Labuk Bay Sanctuary

Labuk Bay Sanctuary is situated at the heart of the mangrove forests of Senawang. The inhabitants here are Borneo’s indigenous Proboscis monkeys, leaf monkeys, hornbill, flying squirrel and other wildlife.

The platform is void of visitors when it is not the feeding time.

There are two groups of Proboscis monkeys here- the family group and the bachelor group.

The family group

Peeking down for more fruits

The males spot a large and prominent nose, that swells in red. Blood rush down to the snout, making it even redder when the creature is fiery.

The Proboscis monkey  is also pregnant with a portruding belly, due to its unique digestive system.

They usually feed on unripe fruits, mangrove shoots, leaves and seeds.

The bachelor group

Nature crowns them with  reddish heads, clothes them with golden brown coats and  cream colored underpants.

The habitats of these Borneo apes range from lowland forests, to swamps and river side. They are excellent swimmers too.

This is the silver langur, human friendly and not camera shy at all.


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