Gaya Street

Gaya Street sits in the heart of KK, and is one of the main attractions for both locals and tourists. Every Sunday morning, the busy street is closed to traffic and turns into an open air market. Vendors are seen setting up stalls even before the first light hits the day. Crowds throng the market, giving it an air of exuberance, with huge umbrellas and shady trees canopying the area.

Local handicrafts, ornaments, accessories, plants, clothes, food,pets and many more stuff can be found here.

Refrigerator magnets

The colorful hues of the stuffs sold here add vibrancy to the atmosphere.

Line of gongs

Vibrant blooms

Fighting fish


Cuddly bunnies for sale

Adorable pups

This is the buah tarap ,  a famous fruit in Kota Kinabalu. The fruit has a very strong scent, which I personally thought it smelled like diesel. Despite that, the flesh is sweet and nice.

There is too much  to see, touch and smell around Gaya Street. Do not miss the stroll there.

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