Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

Island hopping is an awesome activity at the waters of KK. At the Jesselton Port, we booked a package for island hopping and snorkeling at 3 nearby islands, namely  Pulau Sapi, Pulau Manukan and Pulau Manutik, all located in a big area called the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.

Pulau Manutik

Pulau Manukan

Pulau Sapi

Each island is bubbly and lively with flocks of tourists and activities. People come and go, batch by batch, hopping from one island to the other.

White beach and blue sea under the warm sun

The water here is crystal clear and viewing of the colorful creatures from the beach side is so tempting that you could not leave the place without snorkeling and mingling with the water creatures.

Ready for snorkeling

A sea of divers

After snorkeling

The shallow water does really have a mix of shy and friendly fishes. Bring some breadcrumbs with you into the water and every Nemo and Temo will flock to you as if you are an angle.

Fish-watching from above is actually very  relaxing, that I can fix my gaze at the adorable creatures for hours.

A beautiful crustacean

Some group photos.

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