~ Rungus Longhouse ~

This is the traditional longhouse in Kg Bavabgazo, Kudat, which is available for homestay and sightseeing as well.

The longhouse is built on stilts and tiled with a matrix of horizontally and vertically arranged bamboo slats. Wooden beams were used to support the inside of the house with walls sloping outward.

The natives put up some handicraft for sale, which includes colorful beadwork. Apparently, beadwork is the specialty of the Rungus people, and its design distinguish the Rungus from other ethnics. The famous beadwork is known as pinakol – a flat beaded belt worn crossed over the chest and back.

I wish to digress a little. There’s a story shared between the 4 people  above and the photographer before they reached the longhouse.

Our car could be seen in the distant. There was a very steep path on the way to the longhouse right after the wooden bridge. The feeble car I drove could not manage to climb up the slope. So, all of us had to get down from the car and yes- the drive changed too, hah! And so the new driver stepped real HARD on the accelerator pedal to drive up the slope , leaving us all behind- and walking to catch up with the car which halted in the distant.

~That was an experience I faced with  uninhibited excitement~

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