Filipino Market

The Filipino Market is located near Centre Point in KK. It is an area operated mostly by Filipino immigrants, selling a wide variety of local products, ranging from dried seafood to cultured pearls and local snacks.

Fish maw

Fish maw is the air bladder of the fish, where it receives and expels water/oxygen so that the fish can ascend or descend while swimming.

Dried seahorse

The Cantonese make medicinal soup with dried seahorse which is supposed to be good for facial skin and for detoxification as well.

Dried seaweed can be cooked as dessert or sweet broth

Dried sea cucumber ~ a delicacy revered by the Chinese

Sea cucumber is flavorless, but it can soak up the flavors of other ingredients it is cooked with.

Packets of delights for seafood lovers

Dried abalones

Dried salty fish

Get  your supplies of  collagen and protein from sea cucumber, fish maw, scallops,  shrimps, seahorses, sea weed- all dried and shockingly costly unless you bargain.

Blocks of tapioca – a staple food for the immigrants.

A mountain of glitters

The sea water pearls are collected by the Filipino. A string of prescious pearls should  be gleaming with lustre and smooth on the surface. Pearls are subtle jewelleries to bling your clothes.


Local snacks

Immigrant tailors make up a  part of the market too.

In the evening,  there will be a night market, also a food bazaar near the Filipino market. Most are freshly barbecued seafood.

The Night Market

Fresh seaweed flavored with red chilli cuts and served with rice.

Gigantic barbecued prawns

They looked flushed !

The South China Sea is just behind the Filipino market.

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