~ Bee Farm ~

This is the bee farm- Gombizau Kampung Madu. It’s one of our few mini stops in Kota Marudu on the way to Kudat.

We didn’t get to try the honey combs because according to the beekeepers, it was not the season and they have very little harvest. So, the beekeeper brought us to the farm to look at the bee hive.

These little wooden houses house a square frame  of honey comb.

The beekeeper spraying smoke toward a house to chase the bees away so that she can collect the honey comb.

Close up on the little holes. A matrix of hexagonal cells.

This is a brood frame. Each of these hexagonal cells  stores honey and pollen as food for the larvae. Some of the cells were empty either because eggs were not laid in there or the pupae has grown into adult bees and left their nests.

The beekeper dug  out a live pupa from the cell. See the worm-like body.

Apart from these, there was  nothing much to explore around.

What does this photo tell?—————- Our obsession with honey comb, hah!

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