Fresh Roasted Coconut & Grilled Clams

We stopped by at one food stall on our way to Kota Belud from KK. The sight of charcoal-roasted coconuts and banners inked with the words – “Kelapa Bakar” (roasted coconut) flagging at us attracted and tempted us to make the stop.

Nuts being charred to the shells

Roasted nut

As you uncap the coconut, note the steam coiling upwards.The coconut water was sweet and hot, having  a tinge of the taste of  steamed sweet potatoes.

Delicate pudding

This is the coconut pudding- a refreshing delicacy in the midst of the sweltering heat around.

Another snack that we tried there was the lokan panggang ( grilled clams).

Fresh clams

These were the clams cooking.They were painted with butter, fanned and grilled, and finally served with some sweet sauce. The lokans tasted great!

In a NUTshell, we’ll certainly return for more coconuts and clams!

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